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What Are CBD Tinctures?

There are many forms of cannabidiol and cannabis supplements, but CBD tinctures are one of the most popular among medicinal users. Tinctures are a concentrated CBD extract that come in liquid form. Many people choose tinctures for their quick delivery method and affordability. Because they are usually concentrated, they are a great method for people who take regular doses or large doses. They are often more cost effective than some other forms of CBD, like edibles or capsules.

CBD tinctures are generally extracted with an alcohol extraction and come in a range of styles. Many CBD tinctures contain little to no THC. This means they have no psychoactive effects. It is possible to get tinctures with both THC and CBD, which may have a different range of potential benefits.

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Benefits Of CBD Tinctures

Tinctures carry many of the same benefits of other cannabidiol supplements. However, this particular dosing method has its own set of benefits. There are many reasons that people may choose tinctures over other types of CBD supplements:

  • CBD tinctures take effect faster than some other methods, like edibles or capsules. They generally take effect in about 15 minutes.
  • Cannabidiol tinctures allow you to measure doses in small increments.
  • Tinctures work great for people who use small amounts of cannabidiol since they can be administered in one single drop.
  • Tinctures may also be appropriate for people who need large doses of cannabidiol since they are available in concentrated bottles.
  • Tinctures make it easy to dose as needed throughout the day with a simple drop under the tongue.

Many people choose cannabidiol tinctures as their preferred method for medicinal use because it is an accurate and convenient dosing method. If you think CBD tinctures may be for you, talk to your doctor. He or she can help you decide if tinctures are the best cannabidiol method for your lifestyle and health needs.

Conditions Frequently Treated With Tinctures

There are many conditions that may benefit from CBD tinctures since they carry the same benefits as most other forms of cannabidiol. Choosing the best dosing method is somewhat dependent on the condition you wish to treat. You should also determine what works best for your preference and lifestyle. While the list of potential uses for tinctures is long, many people choose tinctures to treat the following conditions.

  • Anxiety: Many studies show cannabidiol’s ability to reduce anxiety. It may affect brain communications to reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. One of the most popular uses for cannabidiol is the treatment of social anxiety disorder. Other uses may include obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Pain: Many people who choose CBD tinctures are using cannabidiol to manage moderate to severe pain. The pain could be due to a number of conditions, like arthritis, spinal issues, or nerve disorders. Many people also benefit from using cannabidiol in their post-operative routine to help manage pain due to surgeries. Research suggests that cannabidiol disrupts brain signals that communicate pain from the injury site to the brain. This may help reduce feelings of pain to manage these conditions.
  • Inflammation: Cannabidiol may also be able to help reduce inflammation that is a response to injury. Inflammation causes swelling, which can also be a reason for pain. One study shows that cannabidiol may even be a replacement for existing anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Cancer/Symptoms of Cancer Therapy: The number of people who choose CBD tinctures alongside their cancer therapy is rising. Cannabidiol may be able to help aid the side effects of cancer-related therapies in many ways. It may help reduce nausea and vomiting in order to help reduce appetite loss. Some studies have even show cannabidiol (and other cannabinoids) as a potential therapy for killing cancer cells. Another study shows that cannabidiol has the ability to shrink tumors.
  • Psychosis/Psychiatric Disorders: Many people choose CBD tinctures for managing psychotic disorders. One study looked at the effects of CBD on rats. This study involved several psychiatric disorders, but the most prevalent was schizophrenia. The results show that CBD may have the ability to prevent psychotic episodes and lessen the severity of psychotic conditions.

How to Take CBD Tinctures and Dosing Information

Cannabidiol tinctures are designed to be taken orally by sublingual doses. This means that the liquid is dropped under the tongue. Sublingual doses are able to take effect in the body quickly because they are absorbed by a small group of blood vessels located under the tongue.

CBD brands design tincture bottles to make it easy to take sublingual doses. The bottle is a dark-colored glass that is useful for preserving the quality of the tincture. These bottles have small droppers attached to the lid so that you can measure the liquid by individual drops.

Each individual product will feature a different potency. One drop of a low potency tincture may only deliver 2 mg of cannabidiol. Tinctures with higher potencies may deliver a much higher dose per drop. This makes tinctures convenient for a range of dosing needs.

Each product will give information about how many milligrams of CBD are in each drop. You and your doctor should work together to decide what your regular CBD dose should be. Then you can choose the CBD tincture potency that works best for you.

What Do CBD Tinctures Taste Like?

The flavor of cannabidiol tinctures is a concern for most people. The taste of most CBD products is similar, and many people say that the hemp-based flavor is nutty in nature. While many people don’t have a problem with the taste of tinctures, some people don’t care for it.

Fortunately, many CBD tincture brands know that the hemp flavor is not everyone’s favorite. Many brands have created tinctures that are flavored, usually with natural ingredients. Flavors can range from chocolate or mint to honey and may help make tinctures a more pleasant experience for people who don’t care for the hempy flavor.

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